About Me

My name is Rhiannon.  I am the Founder and Owner of Paw Playground, an e-commerce business for dog owners to purchase personalized and unique items to create pawsitive memories. Paw Playground is a place for all of us dog owners who constantly snap photos of our four-legged friends and then wonder what to do with all those digital memories.  A picture can say a thousand words, but what if you valued that picture much more and created a talking piece at your next holiday party? Paw Playground makes that happen. Not only can you create your next special memory or gift, you can obtain knowledge from the Paw Playground mascot himself. Through his blog, Hendrix shares his wisdom and humor on topics that most dog owners wonder about. We want you to know you are not alone, both through the joys and the challenges of life with your furry friends!

Hendrix came into my life in 2012 when I was 22 and I thought the last thing I needed was a big responsibility.  Boy was I wrong!  Hendrix was just what I needed in my life. His charm and charisma inspired me to take on the four-legged obligation with gusto and I have never looked back.  Sure, there were (and still are) difficult times, like potty training and obedience & health challenges.  In the beginning I even doubted my ability to see my commitment through.  However, I believe everything happens for a reason, including Hendrix. Through the ups and downs, he has made me laugh, cry and taught me how to persevere through tough times. I’ve learned that no matter what setting we are in he will be by my side and bring true happiness to any situation.

Hendrix and I reside in sunny Chandler, AZ and we get more and more inspiration every day just by stepping outside. My hope in creating Paw Playground is to offer a suite of products that evoke the pawsitive feelings your pet symbolizes.  We understand you can buy pet accessories through other outlets, but we believe our approach is better.  What sets us apart is that we take the time to select our products with love, care and attention to detail.  I look forward to hearing from all of you owners that love and appreciate your dog like I do mine.  Connect with me so I can learn about your dog’s characteristics, fears, what you share together, and how I can design a gift that creates pawsitive memories for a lifetime.