Wishing everyone…
12 months of happy smiles
52 weeks of fun
+ 365 days of love

Otis here! Yes, I’m that handsome white retriever you see on some of the amazing Paw Playground products, the phone case and cutting board to be exact. Oh, and that good-looking boxer Hendrix the mascot…yeah, he’s my cousin.  It’s finally my turn to share a little bit about myself.

My mom likes to call me her favorite trouble maker (Ruff! Ruff! I’m fierce!). I think that means she loves me even when I eat rocks, jump over the couch to get to the outside world (because my paws don’t seem to cooperate on the slippery floor) and yelling “We have a visitor!!!!” as loud as I can when the doorbell rings.  ARF! ARF! ARF!  You humans call it barking but it’s how I talk, and well, sometimes, YELL!! Why?  Because I love visitors! I may be fierce at times, but I’m friendly.

Right now, it’s just me, mommy and daddy. It’s been just the three of us for the last four years, and I’m five years old. Before that it was just mommy and me living in Colorado climbing mountains, running through this fun white fluffy stuff that would randomly fall from the sky and my all-time favorite…belly flopping into the river! Now, we live in Arizona where I love to roll around in the grass, bask in the sun while smelling the fresh air, chase birds and go on fun bike rides with my dad! Arf! Arf! Arf! (someone’s at the door.  Yuss!  Be right back.)

My parents keep telling me that I’m getting a baby sister soon, whatever that means. I give my mom lots of belly kisses because I’m a big-time kisser and now that I think about it…her belly has grown quite a bit from what I remember.  It’s always just right there for me to kiss, so I do. I try to give my dad lots of kisses on his feet because they’re always sticking out when he sits in his favorite chair.  He doesn’t seem to like it very much, but that doesn’t stop me! C’mon, dad! It’s my way of saying I love you.

My mom loves to snuggle with me and give me tons of kisses, belly rubs and treats which makes me one happy pup! Then when my dad comes home from work and takes me outside, we get to play with my favorite game on the planet… BALL! I sure do miss my dad all day so as soon as I hear the garage door opening, I jump up, run to the door, and cry with excitement. My eyes light up when he walks through the door and I jump, spin, jump, spin and chase this white fluffy thing that is constantly following behind me that I can only catch occasionally. He scratches and rubs my head but I then bolt to the back door ready to go play our favorite game together. I guess you could call it a father – son connection.

Every year I always hear humans talking about New Year’s resolutions. I’m not quite sure what they are talking about but being the smart pup that I am, I would say mine is to stop stealing my parent’s socks and hiding them. Yeah! That’s it. What’s yours? I know one way you can start off the New Year in a pawsitive way and that is to purchase one of these amazing products for a friend, family member or even to treat yourself! My parents have the cutting board with my face on it displayed in the room where all the yummy smelling food comes from (I love that room).  I’m not bragging, but it sure does make the room look good. Did I mention that all of Paw Playground’s products ship for FREE? Now that’s a deal for a human.  I mean, everything is free in my world, but you humans have to pay for stuff.  The Paw Playground dogs got together and we decided to help you with free shipping so take advantage of it!

Okay, I better get going. I hear my mom yelling my name, asking why I took her yummy tasting socks outside. Happy New Year from your favorite retriever! I hope you have a pawsitively, pawsome 2019!