Scary costumes, masks, and chocolate, oh my!  Hendrix here! Are you scared?  I hope not.  Halloween gets better every year as it becomes easier to feel safe and enjoy trick-or-treating.  So… you may be asking, how exactly does it get better and easier?  Glad you asked.  First things first, keep your filthy paws OFF the chocolate. Most chocolate is known to be poisonous for us dogs. That means stay away from it and make sure your owners monitor the candy counting party at the end of the night.  We can be fast on the take if you know what I mean.   I would know, I’ve been to the emergency room for eating chocolate. It was awful.  My mom cried…and trust me, this is no way to get treats or win points with your owner.  Second, go easy on the face masks. Just think of how scared humans can be when they see a Halloween mask.  If your dog has a nervous disposition, consider setting her up in the guest room with a bone (with the tv turned up) since the continual doorbell ringing may make her agitated. Next up and probably the most important tip is to make sure your dog is chipped and wearing a collar with an updated tag. There are many distractions that could cause your pup to run and hide so don’t blame him for bolting, just be prepared. Lastly, dog costumes. My mom is guilty as charged for putting ridiculous costumes on me like Magic Mike, T-Rex, and a big, round pumpkin.  Lucky for me she stopped doing it the past few years because she could see that look of agony in my eyes. For yours truly costumes are itchy, uncomfortable and downright annoying.   I know I’m not the only pup that feels this way, so owners take note. We are already stressed out with the spooky noises, scary masks and chocolate candy temptations everywhere.  If you sense that about your pet, please don’t create more stress on Halloween by making us wear a costume.  A bandana will be just fine.

Warnings aside, if your fur baby is a real pro and you choose to dress up your costume-savvy pooch, all power to you!  We just want to see pictures. Submit your photo and the best dog costume will win a $50 PetSmart gift card, sent with your product as a surprise.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to buy your dog mom or dad a bottle of wine and pair it with this wine tote.  Nothing says I love you like a gift to fray those Halloween nerves.   Heck, you may get lucky with some extra belly rubs and a peanut butter treat.  Woof! Woof!

Happy HOWL-O-WEEN from Hendrix at Paw Playground and be safe out there!