Thanksgiving is all about football, food and most importantly family, and what is family without your dog? Hi, Hendrix here! I would like to share a delicious and safe way to share this special holiday with your four-legged family members. Dogs love this festivity more than any other holiday throughout the year. Why? Because our owners have a stronger sense of gratitude and thus, become more generous. Bottom line, we know we’re gonna get food scraps, if not an entire meal for ourselves! What’s important to know is what your dog can and cannot eat. If you want to stay on the gravy train and out of the veterinary hospital this Thanksgiving, listen carefully. All foods are not created equal for humans and pups.

Let’s start with delicious sweet potatoes…yum! These root vegetables are filled with vitamins and fiber and are known to be healthier than regular potatoes. Here’s a tasty sweet potato dog chew recipe you’ll want to make for your dog’s holiday delight. Create an extra batch of these arfalicious chews and give them to your favorite dog sitter in a customized Paw Playground tote bag. What better way to say, thanks for all you do!

What about turkey for my canine, you ask? White meat good, dark meat bad! Too much dark meat may cause upset stomach or worse, pancreatitis. This may seem extreme but you can read more about it here. Experts say use discretion and err on the side of caution when it comes to feeding dogs meat, turkey fat, and bones. Consult with your veterinarian if you have any questions or concerns on this subject. My opinion? Humans just want more turkey legs for themselves! Bah-turkeybug!

Carrots, always good! My mom used to mix carrots with my wet food. Nom-Nom. Again, loaded with vitamins, fiber, and potassium. Raw carrots are good for our dental health as well; they get rid of plaque and bad breath. Carrots are even good after Thanksgiving, who would have known…I mean, who besides a very famous rabbit? If you don’t believe me, watch this video clip from Bugs Bunny himself on why carrots are divine.

Same goes for fresh pumpkin. Pumpkin is low in calories and helps aid digestion. Constipated pup? Pumpkin is the perfect remedy with nearly three grams of fiber for a single cup serving size. Now, please don’t feed me a pumpkin pie, but fresh or canned pumpkin will do just fine. Pumpkin has even been called a superfood for dogs by some experts. Want to know more? Check out this ultimate guide on pumpkins for dogs. After reading this and eating my pumpkin, where’s my cape? Super Hendrix, here! You should see my Superhero pumpkin pose.

There you have it, a short list of some of the yummy foods for healthy dogs to eat at Thanksgiving. While these foods are thought to be good for most healthy pups, I have to state the obvious. Cook our meals separately! Please don’t get all Gordon Ramsay on us because we can’t eat butter, oil, salt or pepper. Our tummies are too sensitive for that and eating spicy food could cause stomach problems and even gastrointestinal infections in some situations.

No matter what’s on your Thanksgiving menu, be it dry dog food or tasty scraps, Paw Playground wishes your family a Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t forget to thank your pup for the unconditional love and all the kisses that are available on demand! Most importantly, thank yourself for being the best pet owner in the universe! We think you’re great, and our way of showing gratitude is to offer a 50% off coupon code for Black Friday. Yep, that’s ½ off and the code is valid one day only, starting at 4 am and ending at 10 pm on November 23rd, 2018. Upon checkout at just enter the code: #BLACK50FRIDAY

Happy Thanksgiving!